Various Artists
"Beach Disco Sessions Volume 4"

It's that time of year again! The days are getting longer & the need for those exclusive summer jams is reignited.

Nang Records presents it's fourth volume of it's successful Beach Disco series, primed and ready for your beach-bound music sessions.
First up we have Irishman Lasertom, our most recent signing, delivering the goods. Smooth synth work is the order of the day on his debut track on Nang called 'Call'. Next up we've got Tokyo-based disco hero Max Essa bringing his enigmatic summer vibes with 'Coast To Coast'. This is followed swiftly by a powerhouse collaboration from Nang head-honcho Loudery and Simple Mind's legends Derek Forbes and Mick MacNeil. This is the Dub version of their recent effort 'Wan'.
Astro Bob is a new name on the scene here at Nang. His track 'Fisketur' is a low-slung gem with a pleasing mix of the real and the synthetic. Next up, NYC live disco darlings Escort have their track 'Makeover' made over by JKriv who brings that cool piano house vibe to the table.
Inigo And Dan Solo's 'La Nueva Era' record is a fantastically contemporary rendition of the Cosmic sound of Italy. Next up we have leaders of the German disco pop movement, Satin Jackets, with the infectiously brilliant 'Come On'. No Logo's hit 'Party Animal' gets the Toomy Disco treatment that gives the original a solid dancefloor backbone.
Situation pay tribute to Inner City with their version of Good Life. Another new outfit for Nang, Kim And Buran, provide some energetic, funky Disco House music with their catchy track 'Flight B'. Watch out for some more releases from then in the near future.
Nang hero Brioski appears with his forthcoming single 'Panic' taken from last years album 'Hype Nothing'. For this mix Parisian outfit Venice Beach crank up the pace for this eccentric synth-laden dancefloor edit. Chris Coco's 'Word' gets a devilishly chunky rework from Leftside Wobble, making sure those daytime/night time transitions roll out smoothly from beach to club.
Next up, Situation keep the pace bubbling with their vocal Disco house roller 'Bring Your Love Back'. A future classic for sure! To follow, Rayko delivers some slo-mo goodness with his track 'The Cave'. Watch out for his album dropping on Nang later this year. Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca's 'Space Scribble' gets a sensational remix from Prins Thomas. Easily some of his best work to date. Chillout vetran Chris Coco appears again, this time on remix duties for Jose Padilla's track titled 'Elixir'. It's suitably relaxed, dusty and full of laid-back bounce.
To round off the package we've got some Galactic stylings from Juan Soto with 'Magica Musica Mistica'. For all the digital buyers we've got a surprise addition from Almunia with a spaced out exercise in bissful synth programming on the The Shiny River. Nang out!

01) Written and Produced by Simon Cullen. Published by Dharma Songs.
02) Written and Produced by Max Essa. Published by Dharma Songs. Licensed from Bearfunk.
03) Written by Kerr, Burchill, Macneil, Forbes and Gaynor. Produced by Loudery. Published by Copyright Control. Strings by John Bryan and Pete Whitfield. Mix and additional keyboards Sare Havlicek.
04) Written, recorded and mixed by Philip Popescu Lindberg at Mark Jam Ensemble, Marken 21. Mastered by Exchange. Licensed from No Static Recordings.
05) Written by D. Balis, E. Cho, J. Lund. Remix & Additional Production by JKriv. Published by Sweet Sensation (ASCAP).
06) Written and Produced by Juanjo Jaja & Dan Solo. Published by Dharma Songs. Licensed from No Static Recordings.
07) Written & Produced by T. Bernhardt. Published by Copyright Control. Licensed from Melodica Recordings.
08) Written and Produced by Steve Miller and Pete Gooding. Vocal by Marion Benoist. Published by Copyright Control.
09) Written by Kevin Saunderson, Published by Copyright Control. Vocals By Lauren Rimell. Produced by Situation.
10) Written and Produced by Kim and Buran and Viacheslav Zavialov. Published by Dharma Songs.
11) Written and Produced by Claudio Brioski. Published by Dharma Songs.
12) Written b7 Chris Mellor, Nick Cornu & Andrew Docherty. Vocals by Andrew Docherty. Produced and Mixed by Chris Coco in Freedom Street, London. Published by Copyright Control. Licensed from Melodica Recordings.
13) Written By Ben Vacara, Steve Wilson, Dom Thompson & Lauren Rimell. Vocals By Lauren Rimell. Produced By Situation. Published by Dharma Songs. Licensed from United Recordings.
14) Written & Produced by Rayco Pena. Published by Dharma Songs.
15) Written & Produced by Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca. Written, Produced and Mixed by Luca Roccatagliati and Daniele Baldelli at MarsLife Studio, Reggio Emilia, Italy. Published by Expanded Music Srl courtesy of P Playground.
16) Written & Produced by Jose Padilla Requena & Giuseppe Tuccillo. Lyrics by Jose Padilla Requena. Published By Traaxx Music GEMA. Licensed from Melodica Recordings.
17) Written & Produced by Juan Soto. Published by Dharma Songs.
18) Written & Produced by Alumina. Published by Dharma Songs. Licensed from United Recordings.
Compiled selected and mixed by Tiger Cubes
(P) &(C) 2013 Nang Records

1. Lasertom - Call Buy Track (from $0.94)
2. Max Essa - Coast To Coast (Heading East) Buy Track (from $0.94)
3. Loudery And Derek Forbes - Wan Dub Buy Track (from $0.94)
4. Astro Bob - Fisketur Buy Track (from $0.94)
5. Escort - Makeover [JKriv Remix] Buy Track (from $0.94)
6. Iñigo And Dan Solo - La Nueva Era (The New Era) Buy Track (from $0.94)
7. Satin Jackets - Come On [Electric Zeus Sunset Mix] Buy Track (from $0.94)
8. No Logo - Party Animal [Toomy Disco Remix] Buy Track (from $0.94)
9. Situation - Good Life Buy Track (from $0.94)
10. Kim And Buran - Flight B Buy Track (from $0.94)
11. Brioski - Panic [Venice Beach Remix] Buy Track (from $0.94)
12. Chris Coco - Word [Leftside Wobble Remix] Buy Track (from $0.94)
13. Situation - Bring Your Love Back Buy Track (from $0.94)
14. Rayko - The Cave Buy Track (from $0.94)
15. Daniele Baldelli And DJ Rocca - Space Scribble [Prins Thomas Remix] Buy Track (from $0.94)
16. Jose Padilla - Elixir [Chris Coco Remix] Buy Track (from $0.94)
17. Juan Soto - Magica Musica Mistica Buy Track (from $0.94)
18. Almunia - The Shiny River Buy Track (from $0.94)
19. Various Artists And Tiger Cubes - Beach Disco Sessions Vol.4 (Mixed by Tiger Cubes)