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"Beach Disco Sessions Volume 3"

Its summertime again and Nang dons the swimming trunks and packs a case of 100% pure Ibiza spirit..

Its summertime again and Nang dons the swimming trunks and packs a case of 100% pure Ibiza spirit with the third volume of their shimmering Beach Disco compilation. This year when it comes to selection and mixing we are 100% true to the sun, with our favourite Canary Islands based producer EVER at the helm...Yes folks...Ilya Santana has entered the Cabana!
Things open up with the slick melodic stylings of the 3 Balearos, the chillout trio made up of vetrans Chris Coco, Jim Breese and Phil Mison. It's a hot one from Chris's new tour-de-force chill label Melodica. Next we're off to New York with one of two excursions to one of Disco's finest bands, Escort. First up its Greg Wilson's chop-and-change edit of Dillinger tune 'Cocaine.' Croatian Ilija Rudman also gets a look in with the yugo-disco dancefloor spin of 'Cameleon Chameleon.' Whist we are in the Adriatic region there is also time for Sare Havlicek's take on Chris Coco's 'Holiday,' it's big, it's synthy and it's hooky.
Next it is off to Italy and Brioski's exuberantly laid back 'Last Day Here.' Our love for all things Adriatic shows once more with Sare's 'Diamondback (Part 2),' the lead track from his recent 'Escape Machine' album. It's all analogue synths, big strings and plent of "whooos and ahhhhs." Next up, fellow Slovenian Evol Ai (a.k.a Alan Roposa) chips in with his chirpy Balearic nugget 'La Fu.'
UK based Situation present their disco-vocal stomper 'Barcelona' with its grooving Psychmagik remix. This leads nicely into a cover version by UK based Charm and Strange on Aztec Cameras 'Somewhere In My Heart.' Surprisingly this was the first cover version of this track we could find. Max Essa hits the spot with the remix. Next, our charter jet brings the sun back to Sheffield with the collaboration between Hiem and Human League singer Phil Oakey. Our biggest recent seller and when you hear those grooves with that voice you will understand why.
It's back to Italy for Jadoo's chunky spin on 'Flight 707' from The Heels Of Love. To follow, compilation mixer Ilya contributes an exclusive of his brilliant debut Nang single 'Running To Your Love.' Things round off with the uplifting sunrise anthem 'Good Morning' from Richard Norris and his Time and Space Machine project. Here a vocal re-work from St Etienne does the most perfect of jobs.
Things close off with a down-tempo moment, Pete Herbert's rework of Nang head honcho Loudery's 'Getting Away With It.' Beach, sun, music!... sorted for 2012. See you next year friends.
We hope you enjoy as much as we do.

01) Written by Mellor, Breese, Mison & Michiko. Published by Copyright Control. Licenced from Melodica Recordings.
02) Written by D. Balis, E. Cho, J. Lund. Published by 2011 Sweet Sensation (ASCAP). Licenced from Tirk Records.
03) Written by Chris Mellor, Nick Cornu & Samantha Whates. Published by Copyright Control. Lead Vocals by Samantha Whates. Licenced from Melodica Recordings.
04) Written by L. Bullock. Arranged by D. Balis, E. Cho, M. Tewarson. Published by Blue Mountain Music LTD. (ASCAP). Licenced from Red Records.
05) Written by Claudio Brioschi. Published by Dharma Songs.
06) Written by Sare Havlicek. Published by Dharma Songs.
07) Written by Alan Roposa. Published by Dharma Songs.
08) Written by Ben Vacara and Stephen Wilson. Published by Dharma Songs. Vocals by Lauren Rimell.
09) Written by Roddy Frame. Published by Copyright Control. Licenced from United Recordings.
10) Written by David Bozzwell & Nick Eastwood. Published by Dharma Songs.
11) Written by L. Saponaro and M. Tessadri. Published by Dharma Songs.
12) Written by Ilya Santana. Published by Dharma Songs Vocals by Sylwia van der wonderland. Licenced from Nang Records.
13) Written by Richard Norris. Published by Musiqware. Licenced from Tirk Records.
14) Written by Johny Marr, Bernard Summer & Neil Tennant. Published by Copyright Control. Bass by Richard Elson, Additional Guitars by Elliot King. Strings by John Bryan and Pete Whitfield.Lead Vocals by Tahamene Park.
Compiled selected and mixed by Ilya Santana
(P) & (C) 2012 Nang Records

1. 3 Balearos - Summer Breezin' Buy Track (from $0.94)
2. Escort - Cocaine Blues [Greg Wilson Remix] Buy Track (from $0.94)
3. Chris Coco - Holiday [Sare Havlicek Adria Mix] Buy Track (from $0.94)
4. Escort - Caméleon Chameleon [Ilija Rudman Music Interpretation] Buy Track (from $0.94)
5. Brioski - Last Day Here Buy Track (from $0.94)
6. Sare Havlicek - Diamondback [Part 2] Buy Track (from $0.94)
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8. Situation - Barcelona [Psychemagik Remix] Buy Track (from $0.94)
9. Charm And Strange - Somewhere In My Heart [Max Essa Shinjuku Remix] Buy Track (from $0.94)
10. Hiem And Phil Oakey - 2AM [Toomy Disco And Fernando Remix] Buy Track (from $0.94)
11. The Heels Of Love - Flight 707 [Jadoo Remix] Buy Track (from $0.94)
12. Ilya Santana - Running To Your Love [Main Vocal Mix] Buy Track (from $0.94)
13. The Time And Space Machine - Good Morning [Saint Etienne Remix] Buy Track (from $0.94)
14. Loudery - Getting Away With It [Pete Herbert Reprise] Buy Track (from $0.94)
15. Various Artists - Beach Disco Sessions Volume 3 (Mixed By Ilya Santana) Buy Track (from $0.94)
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